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  • Unable to get Previous and Next links to work

    I attempted to include an option for the Cards Theme to add Previous and Next links below your posts. The idea would be to make it easy to navigate to the next and previous post (obviously). However, it doesn’t seem to work as expected. I was able to get the links to render using the following … read more

  • I updated the Cards Theme site a bit.

    • The home page now shows the features and examples for the theme.
    • Added Change Log and News to the top nav.
    • Add a Donate page to make it easy to contribute.
  • Cards Theme Blogroll Support recently rolled out a new featured called Recommendations. This feature makes it easy to add your own Blogroll(s) to your site. You can read about the feature from Manton’s post. You can also read about it more in the Help Center. Below, is more information about how this new … read more

  • Experimenting with Related Posts

    I’m experimenting with “Related Posts,” a feature that might be included in the Cards Theme if it performs well and others are interested in it. You might notice “See Also” or “Related” at the bottom of some posts on my blog. These currently use categories to identify posts that are relevant to the … read more