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  • The story behind the Cards Theme

    As many of you know, I’m the creator of the Cards Theme for Micro.blog. I thought I would share a little bit of history about me and why I decided to create a theme in the first place. Around 2001, I got my first job in IT working as the sole helpdesk employee at a remote office. It was a piece of … read more

  • I tweaked my blog theme (again)

    My blog still uses my Cards Theme, but I made a copy of the CSS and made some tweaks to try a make my site a bit more unique. I love the look of the light grey background and the white and grey gradient of the cards. Looking back, I think it was inspired by iA Writer a bit. I minimized the shadow of … read more

  • Add Reading Time to your Micro.blog template

    I added Reading time to my blog. It was easy to do since it’s part of Hugo. It only displays if the reading time exceeds 1 minute. I think this makes sense because it will exclude it from short posts. In the layouts/posts/single.html template, add the following line below the date (or where ever you … read more