Micro.blog recently rolled out a new featured called Recommendations. This feature makes it easy to add your own Blogroll(s) to your site. You can read about the feature from Manton’s post. You can also read about it more in the Micro.blog Help Center.

Below, is more information about how this new Recommendations feature integrates with your Cards Theme.

Add a Blogroll Page

The Cards Theme support’s this feature out-of-the-box.

  • Open your Micro.blog account.
  • Click on Plug-ins. Ensure your correct blog is selected.
  • Click Find Plug-ins.
  • Search for the Blogroll shortcode (by @manton) plug-in.
  • Click Install.
  • Next, create a new page for your site.
  • In your page content, add the following shortcode. Update your page and wait for it to publish.
{{< blogroll >}}

Customize the CSS

If you want to update the CSS of your Blogroll, you can add some CSS to your site.

  • Open your Micro.blog account.
  • Click on Design.
  • Click Edit CSS.
  • Add the following CSS the content box. Make any adjustments you want. Then click Update CSS to publish the change to your site.
ul.blogroll li {

    list-style-type: none !important;


ul.blogroll li a {

    text-decoration: none;

    color: black;


ul.blogroll li a span {

    color: gray;


Multiple Blogrolls

If you configure multiple Blogrolls, you can use the same shortcode as above but with some tweaks. For example, my personal blogroll page currently has three Blogrolls shown. Blogs, Newsletters, and Podcasts. You can add the Name parameter which includes the name of your list. For more examples, see the Micro.blog Help Page.

In your blogroll shortcode, add the name=“Your Blogroll Name” parameter.

## Blogs

{{< blogroll name="Blogs" >}}

## Newsletters

{{< blogroll name="Newsletters" >}}

## Podcasts

{{< blogroll name="Podcasts" >}}

Showing your Blogroll in a sidebar

If you look at Manton.org’s home page, you can see he has his recommendations showing on the sidebar of his home page.

Unfortunately, at this time, the Cards Theme does not have this sidebar functionality. Only the Marfa and Alpine themes support it.

Please tell me if you’re interested in this feature!