I’m experimenting with “Related Posts,” a feature that might be included in the Cards Theme if it performs well and others are interested in it.

You might notice “See Also” or “Related” at the bottom of some posts on my blog. These currently use categories to identify posts that are relevant to the current one.

Hugo, which the Micro.blog templates are based on, has a “Related Content” feature. However, it appears to rely on having related keywords or tags in the YAML of your markdown. I have yet to determine whether Micro.blog Categories can be integrated with this feature.

The current version is based on the post’s categories, a method I learned from Show Related Posts in Hugo · Make with Hugo. It looks at other posts within the same category as the current post and displays them.

While it would be interesting to extend this relationship beyond categories, it’s a good starting point.

Over the next few days, you may see me tweaking the categories on my site as I experiment with this functionality.