I made some minor updates to the Cards Theme for Micro.blog.

  • Removed some unused CSS from the main.css file.
  • Added some additional padding above the footer.
  • Added some additional padding around the text with the cards.
  • Removed the custom 404.html page. I had problems loading the page content because the body text would fade the opacity from 0 to 1, but the 404 page wouldn’t load this CSS to do the transition. You can add your own custom 404 page instead (if you choose). It is more flexible this way.

If you have applied custom colors through the plugin settings, you may want to open your config.json and make a copy before updating. I believe a bug in Micro.blog will override your settings during the update. Go to Design > Edit Custom Themes, Select the Cards Theme, open the config.json and copy the content. Upgrade the theme, then go back and paste the content back into the config.json to save your previous customizations.

Let me know if you have any problems.